Our Story

MorrHeat Waste Oil Heating Solutions was founded by Bryce Morrison in 2018, with the singular purpose of reinventing the standard of customer care that had become prevalent in the industry. Having been in that industry himself for over a decade, he knew there was a better way to service the needs of our clients.

After assembling a staff of industry veterans, MorrHeat set off to create not only the most efficient, easiest to maintain unit of it's kind, but also to curate a top tier customer service experience for all of it's customers. While the goal was to enhance every facet of that experience, MorrHeat's efforts were particularly focused on the tech support aspect.

While most companies in the industry make the majority of their revenue from after the sale parts & service, MorrHeat wanted to create a system that could easily be maintained by the customer, backed by a generous warranty and sold at a fair price. To achieve this, we needed to not only meticulously design our equipment, but also to design a system of customer & technical support that set us apart from the competition. When a customer or field technician calls in with questions, anyone that answers the phone can walk them through the basics, and if more intricate assistance is needed, our senior techs are usually available with little to no wait time. When you call into MorrHeat, you are greeted by family men who live & breath waste oil equipment and have for years; not someone who sells tires, widgets and the occasional used oil furnace. In many cases you will speak with the same people who built your unit from the ground up, right here in Spokane, WA.

If you've dealt with waste oil equipment in the past, and ever felt like something was lacking, MorrHeat Waste Oil Heating Solutions was founded for you. Call or email us today, to find out how our staff can help you minimize headaches and maximize your profits!

Meet the Team

Bryce Morrison

Bryce is our CEO and tech genius extraordinaire! If you broke it, he can almost certainly help you unbreak it! He is a family man from a small town, married with three girls! Whether you need to diagnose a 30 yr old burner or a wicked French braid, Bryce has you covered!

Tim Cederblom